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April 26, 2009

WWE Backlash 2009

World Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents…


Welcome cats and kittens, to yet another emotionally stirring installment of Cewsh Reviews…  It seems like only 3 weeks ago that we reviewed a WWE PPV (Hmm, actually…) but here we are again, to review another show from the biggest professional wrestling company in the known universe.  Since our last WWE review, the annual Draft has come along and shaken everything up good and proper, and this show, Backlash 2009, is here to end the Wrestlemania feuds (for the most part), and to be the official end of the past year.  Following this show, the landscape will be widely changed, and we will have the foundation upon which the next year will be built.  Can you feel the excitement? Can you feel the intensity?  Can you feel the adrenaline?  Can you feel the love tonight?  Tonight?  It is where we are?  It's enough for this wide-eyed wanderer?  That we got this far? 

One day, perhaps we will do a review using nothing but songs and dialogue from the Lion King.  But that day is not today.  Sadly.

And without any further ado, onwards the review!

April 22, 2009

TNA Lockdown 2009

Total Nonstop Action Proudly Presents…


Welcome cats and kittens, to yet another installment of Cewsh Reviews… Tonight we have a special treat for you, assuming, of course, that you consider a special treat to be essentially the same thing you get every Tuesday. If that is the case, then I have no doubt that you will deliriously happy as we review TNA’s Lockdown 2009! TNA has had a run of some of the most abysmal shows that we have ever borne witness to, and while I have been duped by this in the past, (read every other TNA review for evidence of me making excuses for TNA, like an abused spouse,) this show legitimately seems to have potential.

Will we be fooled again? Only time, and the wise Cewsh, will tell.

You may have noticed, for the record, that this edition of everyone’s favorite review is a day late. If you noticed that, then perhaps you can notice deez. Deez what, you ask? Mr. Deez. My diminutive landlord. I never see him coming, and he’s always hassling me. Could really use some help with that. No? Fair enough then. Onwards the mighty review!

April 5, 2009

Wrestlemania XXV

World Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents…


Welcome cats and kittens to the biggest show of the year, on the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania. This show marks the 25th, (yes, we know it’s really the 24th,) anniversary of the biggest show in the industry, and we couldn’t be happier to be here covering it. The excitement is palpable here at Cewsh Reviews Headquarters, not only for the show of shows, but also to reunite the entire team. That’s right, we’ve got Ms.Cewsh, Vice, and, of course, your motherfucking Cewsh together again for this one. We could never have gotten so far without the support and help from so many of you readers, so keep reading, and keep responding.

Alright, enough with the sappy shit, let’s do a fucking Wrestlemania review.

NJPW Resolution 2009

New Japan Pro Wrestling Proudly Presents…


Welcome cats and kittens, to yet another edition of the award winning (possibly) Cewsh Reviews… Tonight we are honored to once again send our consciousness across the Pacific Ocean to the Land of the Rising Sun, and in particular New Japan Pro Wrestling’s latest extravaganza, NJPW Resolution 2008! With this being our first review after the heavily anticipated (and absolutely awesome) Wrestlemania review, I think that expectations are high for us to continue our rocking momentum on into the second half of our reviewing year.

So with no further nonsense, let’s all get our faces rocked together.