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January 25, 2009

WWE Royal Rumble 2009

Cewsh: This review is probably my favorite that we had ever done to this point. It was Ms. Cewsh's second foray into reviewing (And the first time that she actually WANTED to do it), and the first time we got her and Vice in the Review Room at the same time, together. The chemistry isn't all there yet, and the format is still changing and shifting towards its current glory, but this is the review that best captured the fun of the early days and the (ha) professionalism of our later work.


World Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents...


Welcome to yet another edition of Cewsh Reviews…; boy do we have a treat for you tonight. Not only have we reviewed the WWE Royal Rumble 2009, arguably the second most important show of the year in professional wrestling, but we’ve also turned this sexy party into a down and dirty three way. That’s right, back from her long hiatus to lend this lowly manuscript some class, is the ever delicious Ms. Cewsh. Don’t worry your little heads, boys and girls, we’ve still got the good ol’ Cewsh/Vice action that you’ve come to know and love. Is this intro getting anyone else hot? No? Right! Me either!

Now, before we get on with tonight’s festivities, allow me to first take a moment to explain how the Royal Rumble works, just in case anyone reading this has never seen one. I can’t imagine whom that could possibly include, but humor me. We try to be thorough here. The Royal Rumble match is a 30 man, Over-The-Top-Rope, Battle Royal. The idea is to eliminate the other wrestlers by throwing them over the top rope, causing their feet to hit the floor. 30 men will eventually enter, two starting, and a new man entering every 90 seconds. The last man left in the ring gets an automatic shot at the Heavyweight Championship of his choosing in the main event of Wrestlemania. Everyone clear? Alright, good. Also, understand that these matches take an hour, sometimes more, so there aren’t going to be a lot of matches on this card. Just roll with it.

As always, we go into this review with nothing (intentionally) spoiled for us. We don’t read the spoilers, the news, and for the most part, the Rajah threads leading up to the PPVs.

On with the show!

January 11, 2009

TNA Genesis 2009

Cewsh: The first TNA show of the new year, and it was a definite doozie, as Mick Foley had just come to TNA, and nobody really knew what he was going to wind up doing with the company. This is the start of what I would later call the "Meh" period of TNA PPVs. Meh. A three letter word that means "not worth your money or time." Also, this review was powered entirely by Taco Bell and sleeplessness.

Good times.


Total Nonstop Action Proudly Presents...


Well here we are again boys and girls, here for another TNA review, but also here for the very first big (US) show of the new year. TNA jumps out of the gate first with the first PPV of the year, so will they set the pace, and the standard for 2009, and give us a show to give us faith for the coming year? Only time will tell, and time we have. So let’s get to it.

January 3, 2009

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom III

Cewsh: Oh Wrestle Kingdom, you sexy bitch. This is the first Japanese show that we ever watched together, and, for both of us, was really the first time we'd seen what NJPW is as a promotion these days. We were very, very impressed. But more than anything, this is the first time that either of us laid eyes on the hunky, dreamboat Hiroshi Tanahashi, who has become sort of an unaware mascot of our fine review institution.


New Japan Professional Wrestling Proudly Presents...

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom III

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to yet another Rajah Award nominated edition of Cewsh Reviews. After a holiday hiatus, thanks to no major companies wanting to hold any important shows over the winter holidays, we have decided to bring you the very best in international wrestling to get you primed and ready for us to explode into a new year of show reviews. Now many of you may well be entirely unfamiliar with Japanese wrestling, or may know just enough to recognize a few names, so we’ll do our best to catch you up to speed on what may be the most important wrestling show of recent times. Even if you have no intention of watching this or any Japanese wrestling show, hopefully this review will get you more acquainted with the goings on of our funny talking neighbors across the ocean.