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December 31, 2008

The Pro Wrestling Summit

Cewsh: Take 1 member of every wrestling promotion in the Land of the Rising Sun, put them in a blender along with traditional Japanese wackiness, and a good dose of fun, and what do you get? A good mix of wily veterans, and youngsters looking for their chance to succeed, and a ton of fun for the Cewsh Reviews Team.


Every Japanese Promotion Ever Proudly Presents…


Welcome, cats and kittens, to another edition of the Razzy award winning Cewsh Reviews. Tonight we have the special privilege of covering a very unique event in professional wrestling. The Pro Wrestling Summit. Every Japanese wrestling promotion that anyone has ever heard of came together and offered one of their wrestlers to this mini supershow. Its mainly chock full of up and comers, and people that each promotion wants to push, so it’s a good indicator towards who the future of Japanese wrestling is. So yeah, this show is verrrry intriguing, and one of those rare times when we get the chance to sample a lot of different promotions at once. The Cewsh Reviews Team loves that shit.

And without any further ado, let’s review this bitch, shall we?

December 30, 2008

HUSTLE Hustlemania 2008

Cewsh: I don't have the words in my vocabulary to describe the experience we had watching this show. There is nothing you have ever seen in professional wrestling that could possibly prepare you for the world of HUSTLE. Read this review, and then immediately go find something from these guys for yourself. You will not in any way be disappointed. Confused, but not disappointed.


HUSTLE Proudly Presents...


Goooood afternoon, cats and kittens, and welcome to yet another bonus installment of Cewsh Reviews. As you’ve no doubt noticed, the long wait for Wrestlemania makes the Cewsh Reviews team a little itchy and leaves us with nothing to do, so in the pursuit of the very finest in entertainment for you, our loyal readers, we have scoured the globe looking for the very best in wrestling spectacle. And boy did we find it. We’ve reviewed Japanese wrestling shows before, but before we get started I don’t want any of you to have any illusions, HUSTLE is different. Wayyyy different. Consider yourselves warned, kick back, and get ready for us to rock your face full of chewy review goodness.

December 14, 2008

WWE Armageddon 2008

Cewsh: There are plenty of things that you MAY be watching this show to see, but history will remember it for only one reason. This is Jeff Hardy's coming of age. And we could prattle on all day about anything else, but there's your draw. Come feel the excitement as the Charismatic Enigma ascends to the throne.


World Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents...


Welcome, oh luminaries of the internet for another hotly anticipated installment of Cewsh and Vice (and occasionally other people, Ms. Cewsh especially) review wrestling! Here tonight we have a special treat for you as Vice and I team up for the very first time to tackle a WWE PPV. Will our TNA chemistry carry over to the big leagues, or will we begin a downward spiral into obscurity? Like your hero always says, “I’m Cewsh, get me a sandwich.” That probably wasn't relevant here, but I really am quite hungry. Little help?

Now, as I’m sure you all know, we go to great lengths to avoid spoilers of any kind, or information prior to the show. All we have to go on is what we see on tv (and in Vice’s case usually not even that). With that in mind let’s have a swingin’ good time, and do some reviewing or something. I don’t know. I should have taken up knitting.

December 7, 2008

TNA Final Resolution 2008

Cewsh: As we moved towards the end of the first calender year of Cewsh Reviews..., Vice made his triumphant return here, and things started to settle in to a groove. Vice debuted his Awards here, which have remained probably the most popular part of the reviews to this day. I briefly attempted to talk Ms. Cewsh into doing this show as well, and the laughter rose through the air, sailed through the wind current down to Florida, and settled into the ears of a Mr. Jarrett, who shed a single tear.


Total Nonstop Action Proudly Presents...

TNA Final Resolution 2008

Welcome to the show, ladies and gents. Cewsh here; ready to delight you, excite you, and buy your girlfriend some flowers, (because you always forget). As you may have noticed, the ever curmudgeonly Vice has rejoined us this review. He’s here to shine a little of his purple light on our dreary, washed-out lives. While you may have gotten your hopes up for another edition of Ms. Cewsh, wittily telling you about the women she would like to fornicate with, you’ll just have to wait until she makes her triumphant return at the Royal Rumble. Much like John Cena, this part year.

Here we are to review Final Resolution, the last TNA pay-per-view of 2008. It’s been a long year for TNA, fraught with many successes and far more failures. As usual, they seem to be on the cusp of greatness. Will this be the night they put it all together? Or will they crash and burn, like we all expect them to?