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October 23, 2005

TNA Bound For Glory 2005

Cewsh: We've taken trips back in time with WWE and WCW, but what about the other big promotion in the United States this decade? We'd hate to neglect TNA, so we decided to chose a PPV at random, settled on this one from back in what people tend to consider TNA's "Glory Days" and went about separating fiction from fact.

We may be assholes, but we are extremely thorough ones. That's for sure.


TNA Wrestling Proudly Presents….


Welcome, cats and kittens, to yet another installment of Cewsh Reviews… Here we’re at the tail end of Wrestlemania month here at the Cewsh Reviews... Headquarters, and we’re getting geared up for the big event coming up in April. You know the one, the larger than life spectacle that the whole world will stop to watch? Kurt Angle vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi! Err…well that one will be big as well, and we’ll be covering it too. Obviously, what we meant was Wrestlemania 25, the Showcase of the Immortals and all that. So, for our last gasp before the big show, we decided to cover WWE’s more direct competition: TNA. It’s a company that is currently down on its luck creative and entertainment-wise, but we’re going to cast wayyyy back to the Year of Our Father, 2005, and cover their premier event, Bound For Glory. Will this show put their newer efforts to shame? Will this rekindle our love for TNA? Why do all of the Cewsh Reviews… intros end with questions?

Yes, no, and because I’m the motherfucking Cewsh, that’s why. Pony up. We’re going for a ride…