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March 29, 1998

WWE Wrestlemania XIV

Cewsh: This is the first classic show that Mrs. Cewsh had ever seen. After having seen it, she spent weeks genuinely perplexed as to what people see in nostalgia at all.


World Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents...

WWE Wrestlemania XIV

Hola everyone, instead of your usual Cewsh, you’re getting me, Ms. Cewsh, popping my Attitude Era cherry to bring you another lovely review. While some girls get dinner and dancing on a Saturday evening, I get a Wrestlemania from elementary school and Smirnoff. That’s right intrepid readers, Cewsh and I are on board for a pre-Mania review of…Mania! XIV, that is. Picked by a complex algorithm involving my kills in Fallout, Cewsh’s diet soda intake, and the Wrestlemanias we already own, we've selected a show neither of us had really seen. This’ll be fun. Right?